Before and after care

Taking a client's case history

Before your colonic hydrotherapy treatment - hydrate your bowel

The most important thing to do before a colonic is to HYDRATE your bowel. One of the main actions of colonic hydrotherapy is in re-hydrating old dried up faecal matter which through lack of drinking water, excess dehydrating beverages and foods, and excessive transit time have become impacted.

To hydrate your bowel if possible for SEVEN days prior to you treatment

After your colonic take it easy

The effects of your colonic will go on for a number of days (2-4) after your treatment. They will be varied from a boost in energy level or occasionally a headache or feeling a little tired. Bowel movement may take a few days to return to normal. This is a time to give your digestion and yourself a break by eating foods which are easy to break down and by taking time to pamper yourself. You may also feel a little cold afterwards; make sure to keep warm, drink warm herbal tea or soup and bring an extra layer with you just in case.

Beneficial Foods

Live natural bio-yogurt will help to re-colonise your gut with friendly bacteria

Vegetables in all forms, especially steamed or in soups

Brown rice, porridge, quinoa and millet are rich in beneficial fibre and will help the friendly bacteria in your gut as well as improve your transit