Seven questions to ask before choosing your therapist

Don't be afraid to ask these questions of any colonic therapist you approach for treatment. The answers given here comply with the high standards the IPCH require from its members.

Where did you train and how long was the training?
IPCH registered therapists have trained at and graduated from The School of Colonic Hydrotherapy[LINK] (formerly Scottish School of Colon Hydrotherapy), and other recognised colleges, who share the aims and objectives of best practice and regulated training in colonic hydrotherapy and natural health care
Are you a member of a professional regulatory body?
IPCH is a self-regulatory body that governs standards of practice and ethics in Colon Hydrotherapy
Do you have full professional and public liability insurance for your treatment and advice?
Insurance is a requirement of IPCH membership in order to protect the public
Do you use disposable speculum and tubing?
All contact parts should be disposable to minimise the risk of cross contamination. It is not sufficient to use a plastic speculum alone; the attached tubing also gets contaminated and should be disposable
How long is a treatment session?
A colonic treatment must consist of at least 30 minutes on the table to be effective without pressure (unless very special circumstances). A session with your therapist should be at least one hour in total – in order to give you enough time on the toilet afterwards. A first session must allow for a full case history to be taken, therefore the first visit to your therapist may last for an hour and a half
Do you take a case history?
There are a number of contra-indications (link back to page with contra-indications) to colonic hyrotherapy and enough time should be allocated for a thorough case history to be taken
Do you discuss diet and life style?
A colonic treatment is only fully effective if you are given correct aftercare advice. That advice should be unique to you and time must be allocated for that purpose
Do you massage the bowel during the colonic?
A colonic hydrotherapy treatment is not as effective without the beneficial addition of deep bowel massage. This will help you relax and help loosen the old waste that is lodge in the pockets. There are also a number of reflexes on the bowel which will benefit from being stimulated
Do you offer the option of a toilet break during the colonic?
A toilet break during the treatment will sometimes help minimise discomfort. Although it may add time to the treatment this should be allowed and the option built into the colonic for improved results.
Do your premises meet with local authority Department of Health inspections?
The UK has strict health and safety requirements and it is a request of IPCH membership to have premises complying with local authority standards