IPCH membership

Membership Pre-requisites

  1. Applicants should be a fully qualified Doctor of Medicine or Registered General Nurse


  2. Have training and qualifications in a substantial two year full-time or a three year part time body-based therapy course
  3. All must have an in-depth knowledge of A&P which includes particular emphasis on physiology covering the digestive system, metabolism, the endocrine system, the nervous system and circulation.
  4. An Institute Board recognised training course in Colon Hydrotherapy must have been successfully completed
  5. All members are obliged to maintain full professional and public indemnity and liability insurance
  6. The premises must reach the required standards upon inspection by IPCH.
  7. The applicant must at all times maintain the standards of ethics and practice as required by the Institute

Membership Eligibility

  1. Certificated therapists during first year who satisfy the Institute Board of their professionalism as laid down in the code of ethics and practice


  2. Full or equivalent members of Associated/Affiliated Institutes of Colon Hydrotherapy who have been in full-time practice for at least two years including colon hydrotherapy treatments, and who wish to practice in the UK


  3. Colon Hydrotherapists who have been practising for five years or more in the UK and are acceptable to the Institute Board may apply for Licentiate Membership of the Institute and use the initials L.I.P.C.H
  4. Diplomats of Anne-Lise Miller Professional Training may use the initials M.IPCH

Membership Aims & Objectives

  1. To maintain a register of suitably qualified therapists that agree to uphold the codes of ethics and practise of the Institute which embody educational standards, course pre-requisites, membership by exam and interview, continuing professional development, therapist support, membership scheme, compulsory professional indemnity insurance and suitable therapist behaviour
  2. To pass on information and to up date and continue education in the creation of health and well being for members and the public
  3. To be regarded as a symbol of quality of practice, exceptional client care and hygiene
  4. To promote the benefits of colon hydrotherapy
  5. To lead the way in the UK and the continent in developing, setting and checking standards in colon hydrotherapy
  6. To offer a recognition process to colleges where colon hydrotherapy is taught by suitably experienced members. To set professional levels of education through our teaching syllabus, set the course pre-requisites for students and employ external auditors and examiners to verify all processes
  7. To carry out a premises inspection scheme of our members to ensure high standards are maintained
  8. To establish protocols which aim to give confidence to the public and ensure their safety in visiting one of our registered therapists

Membership: How To Join

Colonic Hydrotherapists fulfilling the above conditions may apply. Acceptance into the Institute will be strictly by invitation of the Institute Board and will be subject to compliance with the code of ethics and practice. Get in touch for an application pack or download it here Ipch membership Application


Code of ethics and practice

For a copy of the code of ethics and practice please download it here Ipch Code Of Ethics