Water Fluoridation*

What is wrong with adding a highly toxic substance to our drinking water and why we should recommend our clients to filter their drinking water?

Depending on the form it is in even relatively low levels of fluorides are extremely toxic: 2g will kill an 11st. adult and 300mg (what can be found in a tube of toothpaste) will kill a child.

Fluoride already occurs naturally in tea, endive curly kale and many other vegetables in a beneficial form for bone/teeth health.

Statistically and according to a large study published by the BMA journal, water fluoridation only helps 1 in 6 children against tooth decay whilst it causes harm to one in two amongst the population from areas exposed to water fluoridation.

The conditions associated with fluoridation of drinking water range from Osteoporosis to Cancer especially of bones and testicular as well as kidney stones and hypothyroidism.

11% of the U.K. population already receive water fluoridation including Birmingham, West Midland and Tyneside.

It is also added to pesticides, dental paste/wash and cola drinks.

* Daily Mail 13/05/03