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Professor Nick Read MD

Medical adviser to the IPCH and head of research

Dr Nick Read is a gastroenterologist and psychoanalytical psychotherapist, who works to help people manage illnesses that have no obvious medical explanation. He is currently chair and medical adviser to The IBS Network, an independent charity that supports, informs and advises people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and facilitates the concept of self care of IBS in the community. He has occupied chairs in Gastrointestinal Physiology, Human Nutrition and Integrated Medicine at Sheffield University, where he edited 11 books on gastrointestinal topics and was an author on over 500 original research papers. In 2005, his monograph, ‘Sick and Tired, healing the diseases doctors cannot cure’ about medically unexplained illness, was published by the Orion group.

Anne-Lise Miller

Director of the IPCH, colonic practitioner and tutor

Anne-Lise Miller has been practicing Colon Hydrotherapy for more than 20 years. In 1994 she founded the Whole Health Center in London. She has extensive experience of teaching colon hydrotherapy techniques and was Honorary Secretary to the Colonic International Association (now ARCH) for over five years.

Brian Miller

Director and marketing advisor of the IPCH, kinesiology practitioner and teacher, practice mentor

Brian is a qualified teacher and practitioner in kinesiology, hypnotherapy and NLP. He has 22 years of experience in teaching therapists how to establish better communication with their clients for improved compliance and results. His NLP skills bring an innovative approach to marketing and practice building. His practical knowledge and fresh ideas make setting up a business fun and inspiring.

Malcolm Simmonds BAc MH FBRI

Herbal medicine advisor

Malcolm, who originally trained in business, gained an acupuncture degree in 1982. He also studied with Dr Bernard Jensen - a pioneer of iridology, and Dr John Christopher - the widely respected herbal and naturopathic practitioner. Malcolm began supplying herbal formulations to his own patients and colleagues and soon set up Specialist Herbal Supplies. Malcolm now produces and supplies his herbal formulations throughout the world. He continues to write, educate and advise.

Natalie Savona

Nutrition advisor for the IPCH

Natalie is the author of six books on nutrition and has presented three television series as a nutritionist. She believes that our food choices are not just about fuelling ourselves but reflect our psychological and cultural influences; and that healthy food can taste great!

Andrew Wren

Continuous professional Development (CPD) and webinar advisor for the IPCH

Andrew is the son of two of the nutritional profession's most respected researchers and trainers of complementary health professionals. Dr Lawrence Plaskett B.A., Ph.D., C.Chem., F.R.I.C (founder of the Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine and well respected author of many books and newsletters on nutritional topics), Barbara Wren CNN (founder of the industry renowned College of Natural Nutrition and author of the industry renowned Cellular Awakening). Andrew qualified as a Nutritional Advisor with The College of Dietary Healing in September 1994 and went on to form one of the industry's best respected naturopathically minded food supplement brands Nutrigold. He has also been a great supporter of The FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Practitioners). In recent years, Andrew has focused his energies on developing the Nutrigold offering and continues his activities of researching and reporting all the latest news and nutritional developments from within the profession, through his much acclaimed Nutritional Update Service. In recent times he has also developed a range of industry renowned, online accredited Nutritional courses and CPD accredited webinars.

Francine Lawrence

PR Advisor for the IPCH, journalist, photographer and designer

Francine was the art director and editor of Country Living magazine for 10 years. She is now a freelance photographer/designer and editorial consultant for large corporations.

David Balen

Legal advisor to the IPCH

David Balen is an adviser to Professional Bodies on Insurance and Practice Management Issues, and lectures and writes articles for journals regularly. His Company now looks after approximately one third to one half of all UK private medical auxiliary/complementary therapists, plus many other Health professionals, Businesses, Charities and Organisations and is now the largest Independent Broker for Health Professionals and Businesses in the UK. He has qualified as an NVQ Assessor and is a visiting lecturer amongst others for Oxford Brookes University, the College of Osteopaths, and the McTimoney Chiropractic College.

Patrick Evans

Accountant to the IPCH

Patrick is a chartered accountant.