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Using filtered water in the course of treatments is, of course, a given. However, if your clients are serious about maintaining the hydration and associated health benefits that colonic therapies deliver, they need to ensure that drinking plenty of freshly filtered water is part of their daily diet.

The IPCH recommends The FreshWater Filter Company as a one stop source for filter systems and its best-selling 1000 and 2000 drinking water systems, which come complete with a mini tap, filter cartridge and stainless steel cartridge housing, are particularly suitable for both your own use and client referrals.

Greg S Rowe, FreshWater's managing director says,

"Drinking at least a litre of filtered water every day is essential to keep the body hydrated and flushed of impurities and toxins. And having filtered water on tap makes it so much easier to stay topped up; rather than the expense of bulky bottled water, you can simply fill your glass from the tap. Filtered water is also great to cook with, gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing impurities have been removed and is also very environmentally friendly."

Both 1000 and 2000 systems use FreshWater's own, British-manufactured cartridges and are highly effective at reducing and removing a wide range of contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals and harmful bacteria, parasites and cysts. The 1000 system has a single cartridge housing, which contains FreshWater's ceramic and carbon 'Pearl' cartridge, whilst the 2000 system has a twin cartridge housing. If you have concerns about specific impurities, e.g fluoride or nitrates, this is the system for you.

Filters should be replaced every 6-12 months and FreshWater makes this easy for you with a simple registration process when you buy a filter system. When your system’s cartridge needs replacing, you'll receive a reminder. Or, you can choose to spread the cost of cartridges by signing up to FreshWater's Direct Debit scheme, which allows you to pay a little, every month.

Exclusive IPCH Member Offer

Right now, FreshWater is offering IPCH members a 35% discount off their first filter system purchase. This is exclusive to the Institute and is a great way for you to experience – and pass on to your clients – the goodness of filtered water.

Simply call FreshWater and quote IPCH99 when you order your system. Thereafter, you can also join FreshWater's Preferred Practitioner Scheme and access further discounts of up to 33% for you and your clients. Just request an application form when ordering your filter system or download a form from The Freshwater Filter Company website.